I love music! I love to party! I love to entertain! It's almost as if the road to becoming a DJ was inevitable...

Ever since I can remember, I've been involved with music in some way or another. Growing up in Canada, I was trained in classical music as a child, playing the piano and the violin. I left Canada at the age of 10 and spent time in India, Guyana and the US, learning a number of percussion instruments along the way including the tabla, drums, and steel pans. By the time I returned to Canada as an adult, not only did I have a solid foundation in rhythm, melody and harmony as a performer, but an appreciation and love for a very wide and eclectic variety of music, including 90s Dance, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, Chutney, Bollywood, Rock, Alternative and EDM.

Over the years of listening to DJs while checking out the club scene or listening to the radio, I would often find myself critiquing their performances. I'd catch myself thinking "he's playing that song too fast", or "that transition was way too long" or  "wow, I would have never thought to mix those 2 songs together, that sounds really good!". The turning point came at a party that I was hosting at which I had set up a 7 hour playlist of Youtube music videos to guide the flow of the night. Starting out with some chill old-school rap, into some throwback 90's and 00's hip-hop, then into some higher energy Latin, and finally into dancehall, soca and high-energy pop during the peak dance hours. One of my friends was so impressed that she asked me to create a playlist for her upcoming house party and it was then and there that I decided that I wasn't going to just set up a playlist for her party; I was going to DJ her party! The next day, I picked up my first DJ controller, started my collection of legitimate digital music, and started my training.

And now, many gigs later, I have a massive repertoire of music that draws from all the musical influences that I've been exposed to throughout my life, and a skill set that will take every audience-member along a musical journey that will have them on their feet for hours! Through experience, I've learnt that every crowd is different and expects different things and I've learnt how to dynamically customize my sets to maximize their enjoyment. I acknowledge that there are genres of music that I don't specialize in (country music for example), and if I'm aware ahead of time that there will be a high demand for those genres of music at your event, I will be the first to tell you that I am not the DJ for you. But if you're looking for a versatile DJ with a smooth flow and Caribbean vibe who can keep the dancefloor packed all night, look no further! DJ Kloonz at Wicked Vibez has got you covered! :)